Category: Stafford Design Service (FAQ) Posted: 6/28/2002

What hardware do you use?
Stafford Design currently utilizes PC's for all its operations. We currently build and configure the workstations to our own rigid standards.

Video Editing
Three video editing workstations are available. One equipped with a DPS Perception PVR board which allows component input/output and another equipped with a Pinnacle Pro-One board for DV editing and Realtime Effects. The third system is equipped with a Newtek Video Toaster 2 which allows for uncompressed video editing and switching.

Render Farm
We currently have a render farm running 12 CPU's for animation frame output which are controlled through the use of the Tequila Scream render controller. This pipeline has proved itself efficient time and again on projects up to 60,000 frames of animation.

CD-ROM / DVD Drives
We currently support CD-ROM replication using 4-8x or above CDR drives. We now also support the DVD format.

We are continually upgrading and adding new capabilities to our equipment to keep up with the latest in technology.

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