Terra Nova

The Terra Nova CD-ROM was completed in the year 2000 for FMC Corporation.

It covers company information, project information, as well as detailed equipment running procedures.

It includes both automatic, and manual modes of navigation.

Full narration for each slide.

• Macromedia Authorware

• 3D-Studio Max

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Full-screen animation adds impact to the presentation.
Extensive 3D animation was used to illustrate equipment installation. In all, over 30 minutes of 3D animation was produced for this project utilizing 3D-Studio Max software
This slide, and the ones following directly, represents a small sampling of that animation.
A photo-viewer, with pan and zoom capability, allows users to interactively browse photos stored on the CD-ROM.
The drawing viewer allows users to interactively browse details of CAD drawings stored on the CD-ROM.

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