Active Traffic Management

The manual includes animation created in Director to demonstrate the theory of operation, digital video segments showing installation procedures and a software setup simulation. It will also include a parts ordering database.

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As the light picked up in the lens becomes more intense the light spills over to adjacent pixels on the CCD causing a white out effect.
The lens picks up an object and the light is scanned pixel-by-pixel on the CCD transferring the image to the monitor.
The camera scans the target zone and calculates the speed of the object detected.
The image in the monitor jumps from side-to-side until a Motion Compensation algorithm is applied to the CCD.
An object is picked up by the lens. Once the object is larger than 2x2 pixels in size on the CCD it is detected and a centroid is assigned to track the object.
Digital Video illustrating the Installation Process for the LSB Board.
Interactive Software Demo outlining the setup and operation of the system control software.
This screen capture is from a sales presentation for the system. The camera detects a car and signals the license capture camera to scan the cars license plate. The plate info is OCR'd and the data is stored.

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