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In todays fast paced world it really pays to have up-to-date and accurate information on your website for your customers. All too often there are road blocks between us and getting that data to our websites.

What if you could cut and paste information from your text documents directly to your website?

What if your website was dynamically generated each time someone viewed a page?

What if when a specific user logged in to your website it could completely reconfigure itself and target information directly at that user?

What if you create and maintain your website directly through a web browser from anywhere in the world?

What if you were able to interact with your customers through Online Forms, Surveys, FAQS and Message Boards?

What if you could easily create Articles and Press Releases for your website?

Now how much would you pay?

Not as much as you might think.

Stafford Design Service is excited to bring you a solution for this and other nagging problems.

Introducing siteDesignLive

siteDesignLive is a database driven browser based website creation tool which will allow you to create and maintain a dynamic web presence without having to know any HTML.

"Concentrate on Content not Code"

For detailed information on siteDesignLive please go to the main siteDesignLive website at www.prewebsite.com or call 281-897-0889. for a free demo.

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