3D Animation

Animation allows you to communicate your message where previously it was difficult or impossible to do before. In many circumstances the 3D virtual world is infinitely more flexible than than the real one.

The Virtual Camera can go places that a real one can not. For instance you could place the Virtual Camera into a hostile environment to observe a process which would prohibit the use of a real camera. Some examples would include:

  • Inside a Pressure Vessel
  • Deep Under the Ocean
  • Inside a Drill Pipe
The laws of physics can be simulated or ignored completely.

Objects can be represented realistically or stylistically depending on the purpose of the Prentation. A realistic approach might be used for a product beauty shot. A stylistic representation might be used in order to clarify a hard to understand process.

Parts can be cutaway or made transparent to see whats going on inside an assembly.

We specialize in technical animation and have proven to have a very low impact on your valuable resources. We cut our teeth on this stuff and it is our bread and butter.

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